Police apprehend a driver who threw a Molotov cocktail in New York City

NYPD detained a driver from the neighboring state of Connecticut. The man first violated traffic rules by running a red light and then threw a “Molotov cocktail” at police officers, reports the Daily News.

The motives of the crime are unknown and an investigation has been launched. According to media reports, the detainee turned out to be 44-year-old Lionel Virgil.

“As officers approached the car, he threw bleach at the officer and gave off the gas. When they caught up with him, he had already thrown a ‘Molotov cocktail,'” the agency specified.

According to investigators, the fuse was lit, but the cocktail did not explode. Trying to evade pursuit, the driver crashed into a parked car.

Three more “cocktails” were found in the cabin of the attacker.

Earlier, the U.S. named the suspect in the attack near the Capitol. Noah Green is believed to be the perpetrator of the attack outside the U.S. Congress.