Police in Argentina shot and killed a 17-year-old soccer player

In Argentina, police shot and killed Lucas Gonzalez, a 17-year-old player of the Barracas Central soccer club. This was reported by Marca newspaper on November 18.

The incident happened on November 17 in Buenos Aires, Barrakas district. As noted by a source of the newspaper, the police opened fire on the car in which the player was traveling with his friends. The police report states that the car rammed into a patrol car when they tried to stop it at an intersection.

At least two bullets were fired at Gonzalez, one of which hit him in the head. The young soccer player died in the hospital on Thursday, Nov. 18.

“Barracas Central does not support this version, RT writes. According to the family’s version, Gonzalez and his friends were speeding. They thought they were going to be attacked by unknown people because the police officers were in plain clothes.

The club demanded a fair investigation and also declared a three-day mourning period during which the team would not hold sporting events.

Argentine President Alberto Fernandez also expressed solidarity with the victim’s family. So far, three police officers have been suspended.