Police in Minneapolis detained CNN crew

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CNN journalists filmed a report on the riots in Minnesota that erupted after a police officer killed an African American. The police detained the reporters without charging them.

In Minnesota, police detained a CNN crew that was reporting live on the protests in Minneapolis after the murder of African-American man. The video on CNN’s website shows police surrounding black CNN journalist Omar Jiménez, who was working live on Friday, May 29.

The reporter told the law enforcement officials that he and his colleagues are representatives of the media, adding that they are ready to change their location if for some reason they are not allowed to be in that particular place. In response, the police said that the journalist had been arrested and handcuffed. Jiménez’s question about what he was accused of was not answered.

The unrest in Minneapolis, which continues for the third day, erupted after the murder of 46-year-old African-American George Floyd. A video posted on social networks shows a white policeman strangling Floyd lying on the pavement for several minutes, praying for help and screaming that he could not breathe. Soon after his arrest, Floyd died in hospital.

The Governor of Minnesota, Tim Wals, called the National Guard on Thursday evening, 28 May, and declared a state of emergency in and around Minneapolis.