Police in Northern Ireland used water cannons to disperse protesters

Police in Northern Ireland on Thursday, April 8, used water cannons to disperse protesters who have again taken to the streets of Belfast. It is reported by the TV channel Sky News.

Transmitted footage shows water jets from a police car pouring into the crowd of young people. In response, the crowd threw firecrackers at the law enforcers. Anti-riot police units and police officers with service dogs were pulled to the scene.

Amid the riots, the Northern Ireland Assembly resumed work as a matter of urgency, even though the parliamentary Easter recess was scheduled to last until April 12. The legislature passed a joint statement Thursday condemning the violence and calling for a peaceful resolution to the controversy.

Earlier, on April 8, it was reported that rioters in Belfast hijacked a double-decker bus before throwing Molotov cocktail bottles at it.

The Belfast manifestation was organized by a group of loyalists. The activists were in favor of keeping Ireland as part of Britain, but they were opposed by nationalists who supported the separation of the region. More than 50 policemen were injured as a result of the riots. As a result of last week’s protests, nine people were detained, including a teenager aged 13.