Police in Turkey fined two Russians for refusing to wear masks

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Two St. Petersburg residents were fined in Turkey for refusing to wear protective masks, which contradicts the regulations of Turkish anti-epidemic norms. On Friday, November 20, TASS was told about it in the Consulate General of Russia in Antalya.

The incident took place in the evening of Thursday, November 19. Two Russians, who had arrived from St. Petersburg, were taken to the police station at the Antalya airport and made administrative reports on administrative violations against them. They were also ordered to pay the fine.

After the formalities Russian tourists were released to the place of rest. In the Consulate General of Russia added that there is no other information about what happened, citizens’ appeals to the diplomatic mission also did not arrive.

According to NSN, the ubiquitous mask regime has been in force in Turkey since September. Masks must be worn in public transport and in workplaces, on the streets, in parks, gardens and beaches. To maintain social distance, buses are not allowed to travel standing up, notes RT. For violation of the mask regime is a fine of 900 Turkish lira .

November 17 in Turkey introduced a curfew at weekends. As the president of the country Recep Tayyip Erdogan stated, it will operate from 20:00 to 10:00. Turkish authorities also decided to close all the cinemas by the end of this year as part of the fight against the spread of coronavirus infection.