Police officer detained in New York on charges of cooperation with the PRC

A policeman from New York City was detained in the United States on charges of cooperation and passing on classified information to diplomats of the Consulate General of China. This was reported on Monday, September 21, CNBC television company.

According to the channel, a 33-year-old law enforcement officer, a native of China, is suspected of passing information to Chinese diplomats about the activity of ethnic Tibetans living in the largest metropolitan area of the United States. According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), since 2018 he has been “in constant contact” with an employee of the Chinese consulate, who was addressed as his direct superior.

In addition, the police officer arranged for the Chinese Consulate General to have access to closed events attended by the New York City Police Department. He also allegedly sought out intelligence sources in the Tibetan community that would be willing to work for the Chinese authorities.

charges were filed by the New York State Eastern District Prosecutors Office. The police officer is charged with working as an agent for a foreign country, electronic fraud, providing false information and obstructing official proceedings.