Police officer in Paris shot and killed a man who threatened him with a knife

A police officer of the French capital city used a firearm after a man attacked him with a knife. This was reported on March 14 by BFM.TV.

The incident happened in the afternoon in the 18th district of Paris. The attacker was shot dead, the law enforcement page on Twitter noted.

“At the threat of a knife, the police officer was forced to use his service weapon,” the police noted.

Law enforcers cordoned off the scene and urged residents of Paris to avoid the area. It is noted that the attacker did not make any demands or shout any slogans.

On January 3, a young man came barefoot to a park near the town of Villejuif near Paris and attacked walkers with a knife, injuring one man. He then went to a large shopping mall and stabbed another man and woman in the parking lot.

The attacker was shot and killed. As a result of the attack, one person died and two others were taken to hospitals.