Police officers in the US presented a boy with a toy car to replace the one that was stolen

In Arizona, Tempe Police Officer Andrew Brooks and his colleagues gave a boy a toy car in the form of a mini-tractor to replace the one that was stolen from the child. It was reported on the Good News Network website on Thursday, April 29.

Brooks saw a message on social media from a man named Peter Philbrook, who said his son Gerald’s favorite toy, a replica John Deere tractor, had been stolen. It was very important to the boy because they had once found it and worked together to repair it, in the process creating a bond between them that had not existed before.

Brooks tried to find the stolen toy, but the search was unsuccessful. He then asked his colleagues to help him buy a new miniature tractor replica for the child. Several police officers went to Walmart and bought a gift for the boy.

They solemnly presented the gift to Gerald, who was not expecting the surprise and was very happy. Brooks admitted that he couldn’t handle the emotion himself when he gave the gift. He also gave the boy a personal license plate for his tractor and a bumper sticker.