Police picked up three hostages from a bus in Lutsk, Ukraine

Police picked up three people from a bus seized earlier on Tuesday, July 21, by an intruder in Ukrainian Lutsk.

Previously it was reported that Ukrainian law enforcers handed the water to the hostages in the bus seized in Lutsk. This was reported by the Interfax-Ukraine news agency on Tuesday, 21 July, citing a source in the National Police.

“During the talks, they agreed to give the water to the people who are in the bus. A police officer carried the water. The negotiations are continuing,” the agency’s interlocutor said.

According to the head of the Security Service of Ukraine, Ivan Bakanov, employees of the SBU Anti-Terrorist Centre work at the scene and do everything possible to ensure that the hostages are released as soon as possible.

“The situation requires coordinated actions of all law-enforcement agencies and we are in constant contact. These processes are, as a rule, non-public, and we will be able to answer all public questions after all the hostages are completely safe. We are doing everything possible for this,” he stressed.

Earlier that day it was reported that the hostage taker in Lutsk went to talks with the police.

The seizure of a bus with 20 passengers by an armed man in Lutsk was reported earlier on July 21. The intruder himself called the police to report the bus mining and introduced himself as Maxim Bad. A criminal case under the article “Hostage-taking” was opened over the seizure of the bus with passengers. The article provides for a punishment of seven to 15 years in prison.

The suspect’s alleged name was also made public. The Ukrainian mass media reported that the abuser’s name is Maksym Kryvosh, or Maksym Kryvoshei. The Ukrainian Interior Ministry reported that the abuser had been previously tried twice and also treated in a psychiatric hospital.