Police reported the number of detainees during protests in Portland

U.S. police in Portland, where riots have been ongoing for more than three months, reported the detention of 27 protesters outside the Portland Police Association (PPA). This was reported in a September 5 law enforcement statement.

The demonstrators arrived at the police office the night before around 9:45 P.M. local time. Many protesters were wearing helmets and gas masks, indicating no peaceful intentions.

The police did not take any action for more than one and a half hours. The meeting was declared illegal after bottles and stones flew into custody. The protesters were called to disperse, but they refused. After that, the arrests began.

One female detainee had a scratch on her head and was treated and called to an ambulance. However, after the medics left the scene, the victim jumped out of the car and drove away. The woman was not detained.

In late July, U.S. President Donald Trump promised at least 10 years in prison to protesters who had damaged government buildings in Portland and other cities and states.

Since the end of May, protests have been held in American cities that began after the death of African American George Floyd in Minneapolis. A man died in hospital.