Police searched the home of the man who attacked Macron

French law enforcers searched the home of the assailant of French President Emmanuel Macron during his visit to the Drome department, BFM TV reported Tuesday, June 8.

“The home of the main suspect, who is currently in custody for deliberate violence against a person with state power, was searched,” the text said.

A friend of the suspect said on TV that his friend’s act stunned him. He described the detainee as a calm and thoughtful man.

The incident occurred earlier Tuesday. The French leader, interacting with Droma residents as part of his country tour, approached a crowd separated from him by a low metal fence and took one of the men by the arm, who responded by punching the president in the face. Security guards quickly restrained the attacker.

According to journalists, the man was shouting radical right-wing royalist slogans.

Macron himself, commenting on the attack, called what happened in Drom an isolated incident and called not to exaggerate its significance. According to the French president, “violent individuals should not be allowed to capture the public’s attention.”

According to the lawyer Alan Duflot, the Frenchman who attacked the president can get up to three years in prison and a €45,000 fine for his actions.