Police shot and killed a suspicious man in Hollywood

US police officers shot and killed a man in the Los Angeles area of Hollywood who was conducting a countdown. It was reported Sunday, April 25, on the city’s police Twitter profile.

It is noted that such a decision was made because the man’s actions were considered threatening. The incident itself occurred on the night of Saturday, April 24.

It is established that the police officers were on their way to the call when suddenly another car crashed into their car. A “driver in a bulletproof vest with his right arm behind his back” got out of the vehicle. He began to drive backward, moving toward the police officers. After he started to put his arm out in front of him, the officers opened fire.

The victim died on the spot and an investigation was launched into the incident.

According to NBC Los Angeles, police blocked the streets adjacent to the incident. Police are currently awaiting a search warrant, which will allow them to search the man’s car for evidence.

Whether the man was actually armed has not been reported.

Earlier, on April 21, a police officer shot and killed a 16-year-old African-American woman in Columbus. Police received a call about an argument outside the girl’s home. Upon arriving at the scene, the police officer saw the teenager holding a knife. The officer opened fire. The victim died at the hospital, where she was taken in critical condition. After the murder, the city’s residents held a rally.