Polish Air Force aircraft signaled hijacking

A Boeing 737-86X aircraft belonging to the Polish Air Force has signaled a hijack. This was reported on Thursday, May 20, by the monitoring portal OpenSky Alerts in its Twitter account.

It is specified that the pilot of the airliner sent to the air traffic controller a code 7500, which means that “the plane is seized. According to the map of the portal, reflecting the movements of aircraft, the plane flew over Poland, close to the border with the Czech Republic.

For its part, France News 24 reported that the incident could be connected with the military exercise Renegade / Sarex-21 in Poland.

“The hijacking of this plane could be an element of these exercises,” reported in Twitter of the publication.

The information that the signal about the hijacking of the aircraft was transmitted within the framework of the above exercises taking place in Poland was confirmed by a representative of the press service of the Operational Command of the Armed Forces of the Republic, Adriana Volynska.

“This is an episode of counterterrorism exercises,” she was quoted as saying.