Polish miners started underground protests

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Polish miners started a protest action underground. This was reported by RMF FM radio station on September 21.

“Underground protests started in mines of Polish mining group. Some of the miners did not come to the surface after the completed shift – there were 65 of them in total,” the report said.

The strike committee was warned that the protesters could be joined by their colleagues from other mines. It is also noted that on Monday, the deadline that the trade unions gave to Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawecki for negotiations expired.

According to the trade unions, the national energy plan, which involves reducing the use of coal and the amount of emissions into the atmosphere, is unacceptable, as it will lead to “the elimination of most industries in Silesia and the loss of hundreds of thousands of jobs. Therefore, they demand that the government take action.

Earlier, in late June, miners and students protested outside the office of Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky in Kiev.

The miners demanded payment of salary arrears to employees of state-owned mines, which, as of July 1, will reach more than 1.2 billion hryvnia, as well as full payment of debts with state-owned coal mining companies for the received coal.