Polish MP predicted the head of the Ministry of Health to be hanged on the lantern

MP Grzegorz Brown in Poland threatened Health Minister Lukasz Szumowski with hanging on his lantern if the government extended its restrictive measures against the backdrop of the coronavirus pandemic.

Brown made his statement in the Polish Sejm, calling on the government to lift the quarantine.

“If you do it now (cancel the restrictive measures. – Ed.), maybe you will somehow get out of it, maybe not everyone will be brought to court, maybe Mr. Minister Szumowski will not be hung on the lantern in the “Three Crosses” square by the people of Warsaw,” – said the MP.

According to the agency, Brown is a representative of the coalition of nationalists and European sceptics “Confederation”, which opposes the quarantine measures introduced in the country.

It is reported that, in turn, the speaker of the Sejm, Elżbieta Witek, called on the people’s representative to “follow the words. Brown parried her by reference to the historical events of 1794, in particular, when at the insistence of the inhabitants of the Polish capital several supporters of Targovitsa Confederation (the union of tycoons who opposed the reforms of the Sejm and the adoption of the Constitution of the Rzeczpospolita) were sentenced to death by hanging