Polish soldier who escaped to Belarus told about the murder of 240 refugees

Polish soldier Emil Chechko, who escaped to Belarus, said he knew about the murder of 240 refugees. This was reported by the Investigative Committee of Belarus on January 12.

“During the investigation of the criminal case Emil Chechko said that since June 8, 2021 he together with his comrades-in-arms took part in the organized murders in the border area and near the village Semyanuvka. According to the soldier, he knows about the murders of more than 240 people,” indicated in the message.

According to the department, Polish law enforcers buried the bodies of the dead in mass in specially prepared pits in the woods.

The IC of Belarus asked the Foreign Ministry of Belarus to inform the appropriate international bodies and authorized bodies of the Middle East and Afghanistan about the incident through diplomatic channels. Also, the agency initiated the organization of the collection of information and recording the facts of the disappearance of citizens traveling to Western Europe, particularly to Germany.

The Investigative Committee continues to investigate the criminal case of crimes against human security, war propaganda and deliberate abandonment in danger (Article 128, paragraph 1 of Article 123, paragraph 3 of Article 159 of the Criminal Code of Belarus).

“Investigators will give a principled legal assessment of all criminal actions of the Polish security forces,” added at the office.

December 21, Chechko was charged in Poland with desertion. The maximum penalty under this article is imprisonment for up to 10 years. The Polish soldier applied for political asylum in Belarus. The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Belarus accepted Chechko’s asylum application for consideration. On December 27, the Polish prosecutor’s office reported that Chechko was put on the wanted list. This allows the police or military gendarmerie to detain the wanted person and hand him over to the relevant authorities for placement in a detention center.

Earlier, on December 19, the escaped soldier told about the murders of migrants by the Polish security forces. He accused Polish law enforcers of systematic murders of migrants, as well as two volunteers. According to the soldier, the situation should be investigated by the Red Cross. Chechko admitted that he had also had to kill people.

The migrant situation escalated in early November. A large group of refugees, who were in Belarus, approached the border with Poland in the forest belt. The migrants cut barbed wire on the border between the two countries and asked to be allowed into the territory of the European Union. European countries blame Minsk for the migration crisis, which denies any involvement in the increased flow of refugees.