Pompeo and Trump Jr. criticized Biden

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said in an interview with Fox News that U.S. President Joe Biden’s words about Russian leader Vladimir Putin were rhetoric and name-calling.

According to Pompeo, the president should put U.S. affairs first.

Earlier, Biden said that Russia should “pay the price” for its “interference” in the U.S. election. According to Biden, he previously had a “long conversation” with Putin, noting that he knew him “pretty well.” Moreover, he had allegedly warned the Russian leader of a possible response.

In turn, the son of the former U.S. president, businessman Donald Trump Jr. criticized Biden for refusing to comment on Putin’s offer of a live conversation.

“Putin challenged Joe Biden to a live on-air debate without a prearranged script. The whole world knows we have no leader at the top,” he wrote on Twitter.