Pompeo assured that the US policy towards the DPRK remained unchanged

Washington’s policy towards Pyongyang does not depend on who is in power in DPRK, the US will continue to insist on denuclearizing the Korean peninsula. American Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced this on April 29.

During the briefing, journalists asked Pompeo to comment on rumors about the health of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and possible changes in the DPRK leadership.

Pompeo responded that U.S. policy “will remain the same, no matter what happens inside North Korea”. He also added that Washington is monitoring reports on Kim Jong-un’s health, The New York Times wrote.

Kim Jong-un has not been in public since April 11 and missed the 108th birthday ceremony for his grandfather Kim Il-sung for the first time in eight years. CNN later reported problems with the North Korean leader after surgery, citing a source in the U.S. administration. A Daily NK source said the surgery was performed on April 12 and is related to the cardiovascular system, Gazeta.ru reported. So far, the North Korean leader is allegedly recovering at a summer cottage near Pyongyang, which is located next to a medical facility.

The New York Post has even allowed the death of Kim Jong-un. The Japanese media say the DPRK leader is in a vegetative state after heart surgery.

However, on April 27, South Korea refuted speculation that the DPRK leader had died. It was noted that Kim Jong-un has been in Wonsan since April 13 and is feeling well.