Pompeo called Bolton a traitor

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo considered the former assistant to American national security leader John Bolton a traitor. He wrote about it on his Twitter on Friday, June 19.

“It is both sad and dangerous that John Bolton’s final public role is that of a traitor who damaged America by violating his sacred trust with his people. To our friends around the world: you know that President is a force for good in the world.” Pompeo said.

The day before the American press heated up a discussion of Bolton’s book entitled “The Room Where It Happened: White House Memoir.” In particular, in it he described how Trump welcomed the idea of invasion of Venezuela and disclosed information about the relationship of the American leader with other heads of state.

The book also mentions Pompeo in the context of the meeting between Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, which was held on June 12, 2018. Bolton claims to have received a note from the secretary of state at the time in which, describing the American leader, he wrote: “He is such a trembling man.

In response, Trump called his ex-assistant “an offended, boring fool who only wanted war”. The U.S. authorities have already filed a lawsuit to prevent Bolton from publishing his memoirs.