Pompeo called on China and WHO to increase transparency

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo called for transparency in the World Health Organization, stating that it was the responsibility of the international organization to publish accurate and timely information.

“We need the World Health Organization to do its job, its primary function, which is to provide the world with accurate, timely, effective information about what is happening in the global health space. In this case, they have failed,” Pompeo told Fox News.

The secretary of state noted that China expressed its willingness to cooperate with the rest of the world, but made it clear that for this purpose Beijing must transmit information.

“China says they want cooperation. That’s what we want, too. But to cooperate, you have to have information. You have to have information. There has to be transparency,” Pompeo said. These are all elements of cooperation.

“We still want China to go for it. We still need information about what was really going on there,” he added.

A few hours before that statement, the Washington Post reported that U.S. officials were concerned about inadequate security measures at a laboratory in Wuhan where bats were being tested for coronavirus.

According to the newspaper, U.S. officials who visited the laboratory sent diplomatic messages to Washington, which reported shortcomings in security and management at the laboratory, as well as that its work on coronavirus is associated with the threat of a pandemic.

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