Pompeo condemned the UN Human Rights’ decision to report after Floyd’s murder

US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo criticized the decision of the UN Human Rights Council (HRC) to adopt a resolution condemning racism in connection with the murder of African American George Floyd in the country.

“Yesterday’s decision of the Council to vote on the resolution on policing and race issues in the United States shows that it has slipped to a new level,” Pompeo wrote on Twitter on Saturday, June 20.

According to the secretary of state, what is happening in the U.S. after the death of an African American is “a sign of strength and maturity of (American) democracy.

“Unfortunately, the Council once again confirmed that our decision to leave him in 2018 was wise,” he added.

Pompeo added that if the Council were honest, it would “recognize the strength of American democracy and encourage authoritarian regimes around the world to replicate the model of American democracy.