Pompeo described China’s spying operations in the United States

The head of the U.S. State Department, Mike Pompeo, said that China conducts spy operations in the American establishment and business. He made a statement to that effect in a video message posted on his Twitter account on Monday evening, August 3.

“The Communist Party of China… is conducting spy operations inside the U.S., trying to have a serious impact on U.S. business leaders, on U.S. congressmen and city council members,” he said.

Pompeo noted that Washington intends to oppose Chinese influence in the United States, which is aimed at undermining American democracy and threatening the people of the country. According to him, United States President Donald Trump has already given the necessary instructions.

“This is the first time President Trump has said ‘that’s enough’, ‘we’re going to fix it’, he’s given us all the instructions,” said the State Department head.

Pompeo cited the situation with the Chinese embassy in Houston as evidence of the United States’ determination. We are talking about the demand made by the U.S. on July 21 to close the Chinese diplomatic mission in the city within three days. Then US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo accused China of stealing American intellectual property on a large scale. U.S. intelligence services believe that the Consulate General of China was closely connected to Chinese intelligence.

At the same time, the U.S. president has repeatedly reiterated that he considers China responsible for the beginning of the coronavirus epidemic. Washington accuses Beijing of concealing information about the origin of the virus and the extent of the infection. Thus, Trump stated that the spread of COVID-19 in the world is the reason for his growing anger against China.