Pompeo promised to continue publishing Hillary Clinton e-mails

Secretary of state Michael Pompeo stated on October 14 about his intention to continue publication of e-mails of former head of State Department Hillary Clinton.

“We will continue to do the right thing and will ensure that all these emails are sent to the right place. And we will do our best to ensure that the American people have as many [Clinton’s letters] as we can fairly show,” Bloomberg quoted him as saying.

According to the agency, in 2016 the FBI refused to hold Clinton responsible for sending “secret letters” through a private server that was at her home in New York.

Then she transferred all her working correspondence (55 thousand letters) to the Foreign Ministry, and personal (more than 30 thousand letters) was removed, for which she was severely criticized.

About 35 thousand e-mails of the former state secretary have already been published on the State Department’s website, but the U.S. president Donald Trump demanded to publish thousands more on the threshold of the presidential elections.

On October 9 Pompeo told journalists that the State Department may soon resume publication of letters of Hillary Clinton. He emphasized that publication of letters would take into account national security interests and would not disclose information that could cause damage or threat to sources and methods of intelligence gathering.