Pope to undergo scheduled surgery

Pope Francis on Sunday, July 4, was hospitalized at Rome’s Policlinico Universitario Agostino Gemelli, where he will undergo a planned operation. This is reported by the Corriere della Sera.

It is noted that he will undergo surgery on the intestine in connection with stenosis. According to the newspaper, the operation will be attended by Professor Sergio Alfiri.

Earlier, on June 25, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called on the Pope to come to Canada to apologize for the Catholic boarding schools where hundreds of unmarked graves of Indian children have been discovered. Canadians, he said, are “horrified and ashamed” of their government’s longstanding policies.

In June, hundreds more nameless children’s graves were discovered on the grounds of a former Indian school in Kamloops, Canada. This brought the number of burials found at the schoolhouse closer to a thousand.

At the same time, in 1876, Canada passed the Indian Act, which authorized the taking of Native lands for the needs of the federal government. Six years later, the document was amended to create special schools called Resident Schools.

These schools were administered by the Catholic Church and forcibly took Indian children to integrate them into Canadian society. At least 150,000 children went through such schools. It is noted that many of the students were physically, sexually and emotionally abused. In addition, the children were denied medical care. According to statistics, at least 4,000 students died of beatings and illnesses during the entire time in such institutions.