Poroshenko said that Russia will pay high price for air raids to Ukraine

The president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said, commenting on joint military exercises with NATO member states “A clear sky – 2018” that “Russia will pay high price” for attacks of aircraft to Ukraine.

“Joint exercises with NATO member states “A clear sky – 2018″ are necessary to show that the price for Russia which will use air forces for attack on Ukraine will be very high”, – the Ukrainian leader wrote to Facebook.

“We battle for freedom, we battle for democracy. We very much appreciate a strong and reliable position which is shown by our partners from the USA and NATO. We do not ask Russia what to do to us on our earth”, – Poroshenko wrote.

In video by Poroshenko attached to a post said that the Ukrainian soldiers are capable “to teach much military from NATO”. “We study much at NATO, and NATO studies much at the Ukrainian soldiers who battle in the conditions of the Russian hybrid war”, – the president told.

The aviation exercises “Clear Sky — 2018” pass in the territory of Ukraine from October 8 to October 19. As reports the UNIAN, in maneuvers, besides the Ukrainian aircraft, members of NATO participate: Belgium, Great Britain, Denmark, Estonia, Netherlands, Poland, Romania and USA.

The American F-15 fighters and the transport S-130 planes take part in maneuvers. Interaction of the American and Ukrainian forces happens within the program of partnership of command of armed forces of the USA on the European continent, the UNIAN notes.

“Doctrines are directed to increase in regional opportunities for protection of sovereignty of airspace and peace and security consolidation by improvement of cooperation, interaction and compatibility between partners in alliance and other allies in the region”, – it was said in the announcement of doctrines.

Russia treated doctrines watchfully. As the member of the committee of the Federation Council on defense and safety Franz Klinzewitsch told TASS, maneuvers will negatively affect a situation in the region. According to senator, participation in doctrines of NATO member states “should be considered as direct support of Kiev in its opposition with the DPR And LPR”.

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