Porsche will pay bonuses to its employees despite the crisis

The carmaker decided to keep the payments planned before the pandemic. Employees will receive €9,700 each for 2019.

Porsche is giving its employees an award for 2019 in the amount of 9,700 euros, the sports car manufacturer announced on Wednesday, April 8. Of this amount, €700, like a year ago, will be allocated as a pension contribution to each employee. The payments will be made despite lower profits, the crisis and pessimistic expectations in the automotive industry.

At the same time, Porsche is calling on its 27,000 employees in Germany to donate part of the money received to charity organizations. The members of the company’s board of directors promise to do so with their bonuses.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, work at Porsche factories is currently on hold and employees are working on a reduced schedule. However, the decision for the 2019 employee bonus was made before the crisis began. Last year, the car manufacturer achieved a record turnover of 28.5 billion euros.

Earlier, Porsche, like other German corporations, donated five million euros and offered technical support and assistance in purchasing medical supplies to crisis headquarters in Germany to fight the epidemic.