President of Belarus Lukashenko called the coronavirus a shield covering the alteration of the world

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said on November 13 that the new coronavirus is a screen behind which global players are trying to divide the world.

“Coronavirus is just an occasion, a screen under which global players are trying to divide the world in their own way. It is clear that they have plans in the post-Soviet space, including Belarus,” – said Lukashenko on the air of TV channel “Belarus-24” during an interview with the media in the Republic and neighboring countries.

In October, Lukashenko said that the main thing in the situation with the spread of coronavirus is to prevent psychosis.

In early June Lukashenko said that spread of coronavirus “tipped over” the economy all over the world. Medical pandemic was followed by economic one that affected both developing and largest states.

At the end of May, Lukashenko already declared that coronavirus pandemic was more than just a disease, and half of it was occupied by politics.