Prince Charles has a coronavirus

The heir to the British throne Prince Charles has found a coronavirus, according to representatives of the royal family.

“He has mild symptoms, but his health remains good, he has been working from home as usual over the past few days,” said a statement by representatives of Prince Charles.

Meanwhile, Prince Camille’s wife, the Duchess of Cornwall, has also been tested for coronavirus, but no disease has been found.

Prince Charles and his wife are in self-isolation at Balmoral Castle in Scotland.

The heir to the throne also said in a statement: “It is impossible to establish from whom exactly the Prince contracted the disease, given the large number of activities in which he has participated in recent weeks in the performance of his social duties.

The last public event attended by Prince Charles was on 12 March. On the same day he met with Elizabeth II.

However, according to sources cited by the PA agency, according to the most conservative estimates, Prince Charles could not infect others until March 13.

Prince Charles, son of Queen Elizabeth II, was the first in line for the British throne. He’s 71 years old.

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