Prince Ernst August V of Hanover is released from custody

The head of the Hanoverian House, arrested for threatening his servants, was released.

66-year-old Prince Ernst August V can not appear in certain places, the OE 24 reports, but where exactly – is not specified. In addition, the head of the Hanover dynasty is not allowed to approach people who accused him of threats.

The prince was arrested on Monday, September 7, on a complaint from a maid, whom he promised to “set thugs on her” if she and her husband do not move around the house quietly. At the same time he ripped out a road sign from the ground and broke their window in the building belonging to the Duke of Cumberland Foundation.

In July, Ernst August V was sent to a mental hospital after an attack on police officers. A few days later, as soon as he was discharged, he appeared again at the station and threatened to hit the employee with a baseball bat.

Prince Ernst August V is now the head of the Hanover House. He has German and Austrian citizenship, as well as British citizenship. He is the great grandson of the last German emperor Wilhelm II. He is officially the husband of Princess Carolina of Monaco, but has not lived with her since 2009.

Earlier, he also repeatedly became a party to various scandals. Thus, in 2010 he was fined €200 thousand for a fight with a hotel owner in Kenya, which took place ten years before. The prince himself claimed that it was only a slap. Also in 2000, Ernst August caused a diplomatic scandal by urinating in public at the Turkish pavilion of the Expo-2000 exhibition.