Prince Harry and Meghan Markle did not name their daughter Lilibeth in honor of Elizabeth II

Stuart Pierce, former vocal coach of Princess Diana, made a surprising statement. He said that by naming their daughter Lilibeth, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were paying tribute not to the Queen but to the late Prince Philip, as he had always referred to his wife, Elizabeth II, by this lovely nickname. Prince Harry adored his grandfather. And now the memory of him will always be alive thanks to the name Lilibeth.

“There is no doubt that Prince Philip, his views on life and his upbringing had a great influence on his grandson. Harry was very devoted to him,” Pierce stressed, adding that both the Duke of Edinburgh and the Duke of Sasses found themselves in similar life circumstances.

“Philip gave up a promising naval career to be near the woman he loved,” Stuart Pierce reminded the Daily Mail.

He also said that the choice of name for the child showed Harry’s admiration for the Queen’s “personal qualities” – ones that Her Majesty is not expected to display in public. Nor “would it occur to anyone to refer to the Queen as ‘Lilibeth’ to her face.

Stuart Pierce believes that the decision to pay tribute to the royal family with an informal name was also due to the fact that Prince Harry, following the precepts of the late Princess Diana, does not want to lose the emotional connection with his brother, Prince William.

“Their mother taught them to take difficulties easily and to live as joyfully as possible. I’m sure that if it had been their will, both William and Harry would have preferred common names instead of addressing them as ‘Your Royal Highness’… Formal behavior nullifies all love and creates emotional alienation. At last the starchy stuffiness has found a human face, the expression of feeling has taken its rightful place, and dismissive criticism has been transformed into shrewd concern,” Pierce opined.

“Diana would have been thrilled with the choice of name for the baby girl. Lilibeth is a very special household nickname … The princess would be so excited about it!” concluded Pierce. He also noted that the queen was “beyond thrilled” to learn that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s newborn daughter was named Lilibeth. He urged not to believe the speculation spread by journalists about the complicated relationship in the royal family.