Prince Harry angered Queen Elizabeth with “highly disrespectful” act

The Sussexes risk never returning to London again.

The Duke of Sussex has had a major row with the royal family over his memoirs, which won’t see the light of day until next year. Penguin Random House, the publisher that got the rights to the manuscript, notes that Prince Harry will “recount for the first time the experiences, losses and life lessons that helped shape him.” London fears the revelations will badly affect the reputation of the royal clan and Elizabeth II, who in 2022 will celebrate the platinum anniversary of her reign – 70 years on the throne.

Mail Online insiders note that at Buckingham Palace, the Duke’s action has already been dubbed “highly disrespectful.” There is mounting anger and frustration within the royal family over Harry’s decision to once again pull the blanket over himself at the most inopportune moment. Any coincidence is ruled out: the prince’s relatives are sure that the timing of the publication he chose “clearly deliberately.”

“Her Majesty has tried her best to maintain a good relationship with her grandson and his family, regardless of the decisions she has to make professionally. And the invitation to join her [during next year’s anniversary celebrations] was genuine,” the informant shared. – Although things were complicated, there was still hope for reconciliation. But it seems this book will be the last straw. Many suspect it’s the end.”

British tabloid sources add that Elizabeth II is seriously considering depriving Prince Harry and Meghan Markle of invitations to her main anniversary celebration next June. It was the perfect opportunity for the Sussexes to rehabilitate themselves after “Megsite” and reunite with their families, but the upcoming memoirs could deny them the slightest chance of returning to the UK.