Prince William has no intention of putting up with Prince Harry

Very soon, a monument to Princess Diana will be unveiled in London. On July 1, Princes William and Harry will meet for the first time since the funeral of their grandfather, Prince Philip. With each passing day, the atmosphere surrounding the meeting grows more heated.

The other day, royal biographer Hugo Vickers said that the Duke of Sussex is quite willing to admit that he has made many mistakes in his relationship with his family in an outburst of emotion, which his wife Meghan Markle certainly does not agree with. According to the expert, Prince William will not be able to forgive his brother after everything he has done, and he does not even intend to make a move on him.

“William won’t put up with him, he thinks Harry is under Meghan Markle’s thumb. As long as Harry listens to her and agrees to everything, there will be no truce,” Hugo Vickers told the Express.

According to the expert, Harry is caught between two fires: in any case, he will have to answer to some of his loved ones. If a long-awaited reconciliation between the brothers happens in London, he will face a tough talk with the Duchess at home: “She’ll just bite his head off, won’t she?”

The other day it became known that Queen Elizabeth II took the first step towards Harry and Meghan and invited them to the celebration of the anniversary of her reign in London next year.