Prince William started an open war against Prince Harry

The royal family this year has been repeatedly subjected to information attacks and attacks from Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. And while Elizabeth II tried to pursue a peaceful policy, the Duke of Sussex’s older brother, Prince William, did not do nothing. The confrontation between the two brothers is gaining momentum.

According to the writer Charlotte Griffiths, the Duke of Cambridge in recent years deliberately escalates already difficult relations with his brother:

“The Queen has long tolerated the antics of Meghan Markle. William realized that the peaceful policy was not working, so he decided to start acting differently and changed tactics. William is not as simple as he seems at first glance. He knew from the beginning that frank interviews with his younger brother would not do any good.

In addition, Prince William does not like the fact that the Duke of Sussex is profiting from the royal family, experts say. Prince Harry’s older brother believes he needs to stop carping on the Queen’s name: “Harry has publicly stated his hatred for his family, but despite this he continues to talk about members of the royal family and mix them with dirt. If this keeps up, William will forever sever his fraternal ties with Harry.”