Prince William tells which U.S. president he looks up to

The Duke of Cambridge, 39, recorded a video for Ted Talks and candidly spoke about what inspired him to create the global Earthshot initiative, which aims to solve today’s major environmental problems. Prince William confessed that he is immensely inspired by John F. Kennedy, the 35th president of the United States.

“People have an extraordinary ability to set goals and strive to achieve them. I have long been inspired by President John F. Kennedy’s mission in 1961 to send a man to the moon in ten years. It seemed insane. In making that giant leap for humanity, the team that created Moonshot brought together millions of people around the world – and it turned out that this crazy ambition wasn’t so crazy at all,” William shared.

“If we don’t act within this decade, the damage done will be irreparable. And the consequences will be felt not only by future generations, but by all of us. The damage will not be evenly distributed. The people who will suffer the most will be those who have had the least impact on climate change,” Duke added.

The Earthshot Prize will include five categories, in each category the winners will receive one million pounds sterling (more than one hundred million rubles). The agenda for the coming decade includes restoring nature and the climate, cleaning the air, saving the oceans and creating a world without toxic waste. The first award ceremony is scheduled for this October.