Princess Diana’s astrologer predicted isolation and estrangement for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Even before Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding took place, mystic Debbie Frank made several predictions about the young family’s future. Frank had previously worked with Princess Diana as an astrologer for many years and had even drawn William and Harry’s natal charts when they were children.

Debbie drew numerous parallels between Diana’s and Meghan’s fates. Thus, astrologer noted that women are united by their alienation from the royal family and the difficulties in their relations with the crowned relatives. Meghan and Harry could later lead to isolation – because old ties would be destroyed and new ones would never be created.

“In hard times, she [Meghan] will have no immediate supporters, no family by her side. She will have to seek support on her own. It’s hard to get married to a member of the royal family, there’s tradition, protocol and a lot of obstacles to overcome – it’s a huge task,” Frank explained.

Most accurately astrologer was able to predict the desire of the Sussexes to leave Britain and move to the United States. The year 2021, according to the predictions of Debbie Frank, was to be a watershed for the royal family and full of hardships for Harry and Meghan. According to the prediction, their fate will be affected by the planet Pluto, heralding a fundamental change.

“I think they are here to do something important,” the mystic commented, “They will move in a new direction, open our eyes and do it for the good of all.