Princess Eugenia’s mother commented on the behavior of her son-in-law, who was caught in the company of half-naked girls

A few days ago another scandal broke out in the royal family. Jack Brooksbank was photographed on a boat, standing in the waters of the island of Capri, surrounded by three well-known girls in bikinis – journalist Rachel Zalis and models Maria Buccellati and Erica Pelosini. While her husband was having fun in Italy, Princess Eugenia was taking care of their 5-month-old son Augusta at home.

Sarah Ferguson, Eugenia and Princess Beatrice’s mother, stood up for her son-in-law. In an interview with the BBC, she commented on the situation this way: “Jack, who has made all the front pages, is a very decent man. One of my favorite people. To tell you the truth, I call him James Bond. He’s a superhero in my book, and he’s a wonderful father, a terrific husband, and he never pulls the blanket over himself.”

Brooksbank, 35, is an ambassador for the tequila brand Casamigos, co-founded by George Clooney. Jack flew to Capri for the Unicef summer gala, which is just sponsored by that company. According to foreign media insiders, the trip was of a working nature, so Princess Eugenie did not keep her husband company.

“He was doing his job, so it’s very important that we clear things up for Jack,” Ferguson noted.