Priyanka Chopra shows disrespect to the Royal Family over Meghan Markle

The wife of musician Nick Jonas, Indian model Priyanka Chopra during the Wimbledon tournament openly ignored the Royal Family and did not even say hello to Kate Middleton.

As the Dukes of Cambridge appeared at the tournament, Chopra defiantly refused to applaud and adjusted her scarf. During the break, the model faced Prince William and Kate Middleton but didn’t even say hello to them. Fans thought Chopra disrespected the Royal Family over her friend Meghan Markle, The Mirror reports.

Priyanka Chopra actively opposes racism, so she was angered by the Duchess of Sussex’s confession that the royal family was worried because of the skin color of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s son. Britain was ambivalent about the Duke of Sussex’s wife’s revelations, while in the United States, where they left after giving up royal powers, the couple was supportive.