Pro-Palestinian protesters get into a scuffle in New York

During a rally in support of Palestine in New York, protesters scuffled when police tried to detain one of the protesters.

It is noted that the activists were holding a sit-in in the Manhattan neighborhood of the 17th police station near Third Avenue, where they believe at least one of the previously detained protesters is located.

The police refused to yield to the protesters’ demands and at one point tried to detain one of the protesters. In turn, the gathered people tried to fight him off, the law enforcers were sprayed with empty plastic bottles. When one of the protesters was finally taken away, the remaining participants calmed those who’d sought to arrange a clash with the police.

The agency notes that there were calls in the crowd to remain outside the police station at night as well and to invite others to join the protest via social media. Palestinians as well as supporters of left-wing movements participate in the rally.

Rallies in support of Palestine now take place in New York almost daily and gather hundreds of people. Thus, on May 16, about 500 people took to the streets of the city. Because of the mass demonstrations last week, the police had to block several streets in Manhattan for some time, after which the protesters fully occupied one of the main squares of the city – Times Square. Since the escalation of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict began in New York, drivers with Palestinian flags attached to their cars are increasingly seen.

The Palestinian-Israeli conflict escalated in early May. The Israeli authorities then began evicting several Arab families in East Jerusalem, which was followed by protests and riots.

On May 10, the radical group Hamas, which controls the Gaza Strip, intervened. Israel refused to meet its demands. The movement then began firing rocket launchers into the country.