Protesters in Beirut broke into two ministerial buildings

Protesters in Beirut broke into the Lebanese Ministry of Labour and the building of the country’s Ministry of Displaced Persons on Sunday. This was reported by Al Hadath TV channel on August 9.

According to the channel, a fire broke out at the entrance to Parliamentary Square in downtown Beirut.

Clashes between protesters and security forces in the Lebanese capital again began on Sunday. Earlier, the media reported about clashes outside the parliament building. It was also reported that the police had used rubber bullets against protesters.

Thousands of Lebanese took to the streets the day before, demanding the resignation of the government after the explosion in the port of Beirut. As a result, the protests escalated into clashes with law enforcement agencies. Shots were heard in the streets.

The demonstrators entered the Lebanese Foreign Ministry building, from where they were then expelled by the military. The protesters also attempted to storm the buildings of the Ministries of Energy, Economy and Environment and the Lebanese Banking Association in Beirut.