Psaki called Putin a man with a “thick skin”

U.S. presidential press secretary Jen Psaki suggested that Russian leader Vladimir Putin is unlikely to succumb to resentment.

“My guess is that President Putin has a much thicker skin than his staff might admit,” she said on MSNBC, commenting on U.S. President Joe Biden’s remarks about the Russian leader.

The day before, Psaki said during a briefing that Joe Biden had no regrets about speaking out against Vladimir Putin. She said that the US president “will not be deterred by words or actions.

On March 17, Biden said that Russia should “pay the price” for its “interference” in the U.S. election. He said he had earlier had a “long conversation” with Putin, noting that he knew him “pretty well.” At the same time, he allegedly warned the Russian leader of a possible response.

For his part, Putin responded to the American leader’s accusations by wishing him health and recalling the childhood nickname “what he calls you is what he calls himself”.