Psychic who predicted pandemic, told when it will end

Deborah Davies, 54, spoke two years ago about an outbreak of a pandemic that would claim many lives, as well as giving the date of Prince Philip’s death, and now she is ready to share a new prediction.

According to the British psychic, in two years the coronavirus will not go anywhere, it will turn into a mild seasonal disease. However, society has other reasons to worry, in some countries the virus will be able to mutate and acquire a more difficult to treat form, which will bring the world back to 2020. It turns out that another lockdown is unavoidable after all.

“People will have to rethink their attitude to distance and wearing masks, the latter will become a must-have accessory,” the psychic told the Dail Mail.

Deborah also spoke out on the royal family. She said that relations between Harry and William will warm up, perhaps Diana’s youngest son will move back to the UK. But his wife Meghan Markle will also be removed from contact with members of the royal family.

“I feel like his problems with Prince Charles will never be completely eliminated. I do feel that Meghan Markle will continue to distance herself from all members of the royal family whether or not Prince Harry reconnects. Prince Harry is still on his honeymoon period, but I see him coming back to the UK to live in the future,” Davis clarified.

The last prediction was about an alien intelligence. Deborah is sure that in two years, the public will be told more about the inhabitants of other planets.