Psychologist told about the signs of smartphone addiction

A person’s addiction to a smartphone can be determined by such signs as constantly carrying the device around and using it without any particular need. This was revealed on Wednesday, May 19, by a neuro- and clinical psychologist

Using a smartphone to the detriment of important business can be a red flag, the specialist said.

“If we’re preparing an important document for work, and something interesting happens on some social network or some game grows a corn and we put off the document for work to do something on social networks or games – this is already a direct addiction,” explained the psychologist.

She added that another sign of addiction is the habit of regularly, without much need, to open the phone machine.

In the case of symptoms, Hvingia advises to make a schedule of using the gadget and strictly adhere to it. In the schedule, you can specify the time of viewing messages on social networks and messengers, viewing the Instagram feed. According to the psychologist, you should do this no more than once or twice a day.

Important messages can be set to notifications, and the rest, which do not require attention, can be turned off. You should also get in the habit of viewing unimportant messages at a certain time, for example from 8 to 9 pm.