Psychologists answered why people often make bad decisions

In everyday life, each of us is constantly faced with the need for this or that choice. However, the decision taken is not always the right one. Psychologists conducted research and explained why it happens.

The author of the study, Professor of Psychology Jana Krajbić explains this by the fact that when there is a need to make a choice, people give in to a special instinct. Therefore, when taking one of the two options, even assuming that the first is correct, a person will still stop at the second.

The origin of this instinct was explained by the psychotherapist Tina Tessina. The thing is that the brain has two areas that are responsible for choosing: the prefrontal cortex and the limbic system. The first one helps to make rational decisions, and the second one is responsible for emotions. As a result, a person acts on the principle of “fight or run”.

That is, when he faces a choice, he becomes nervous and his body is filled with hormones, as during stress. Therefore, the wrong decision is made lightning fast under the pressure of emotions and intuition.

To make the right decisions, experts recommend to remain calm and act carefully, without succumbing to emotions.