Psychologists have developed a scheme to become happy

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A team of scientists from the University of the United States recently engaged in an analysis of all the works on the emotional and psychological health of people. After studying them, these scientists proposed their own scheme to become happy.

According to these scientists, all the previous experiments had no general structure that could somehow explain all aspects of people’s emotional health. But the scheme that they have developed combines all the right aspects, namely awareness, attention and care, insight and purpose.

According to scientists and psychologists, awareness is exactly the aspect that ensures attention to one’s inner feelings and signals. It also helps to reduce stress and experience positive emotions and joy more often.

Psychologists have stated that insight improves understanding of all psychological processes.

Attention and care for their words has a positive effect on social relationships and prevents the occurrence of any psychological disorders.

Purposefulness according to them – improves memory and has a positive effect on psychological stability.

According to psychologists, all of these aspects are the ideal scheme for becoming happy.