Psychologists revealed the dangers of listening to music while driving

Transportation Research magazine recently published an article about an interesting new experiment conducted by scientists from Brunel University in London, who found out what effect different types of music have on the driver’s psyche.

Thirty-four adult drivers were studied and asked to sit behind the wheel of a driving simulator. They were programmed to simulate city roads and a specific route. Gradually the specialists included different sounds: noise of city traffic, speech, quiet or loud music with and without lyrics.

The simulation lasted about 8 minutes, during which the participants faced five different obstacles. For example, a truck to overtake or a red traffic light.

After a while it was found out that varieties of sound had almost no effect on the reaction and psyche of the driver. But scientists noticed that when the volume of music is 75 decibels, the emotional excitement increases by almost 37 percent, which can hinder an inexperienced driver.

Therefore, psychologists recommend listening to calm music without unnecessary effects in the sound while driving to optimize the mental state, which is extremely important when driving in stressful urban environments.