Public transport in Athens suspended due to strike

Public transport in Athens has been suspended due to a strike. Subway and streetcar workers are reportedly on a 24-hour strike to protest the tragic death at work of a 41-year-old employee and to demand stronger work safety measures.

It is noted that buses and trolleybuses will stop for several hours because of the strike, with buses running only from 9:00 am to 9:0 pm, and trolleybus drivers will continue to strike from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm local time. The streetcar and subway will also not work. In addition, the streetcar and subway will not work.

An accident occurred in Athens on the surface metro line. On November 16, a rail-grinding car collided with a train due to brake failure, three employees were injured, one of whom later died.

Subway workers recalled another industrial tragedy at the Cosco piers in the port of Piraeus and demanded a full investigation into the causes of the accident and appropriate punishment for those responsible.

In turn, the Greek police, due to strikes, canceled the restrictions on entry into the center of Athens, under which on even-numbered days of the month cars are allowed to enter, and on odd-numbered days – with odd numbers.

It is noted that because of the strike the traffic is hampered on many roads in the city.

Earlier, on 18 July, Lisbon airport cancelled 200 flights due to strikes by workers who demand payment of wage arrears and vacation pay.