Public transport workers are on strike all over Germany

Berlin, Munich and other cities have suspended subway, streetcar and bus traffic. Union Ver.di requires to improve working conditions of public transport workers.

In many cities in Germany due to the strike on Wednesday, September 29, public transport was temporarily suspended. In particular, in Berlin, buses and streetcars of the city transport company do not go until 12.00 local time. In Munich before 18.00 stopped the movement of subway trains, as well as about half of the streetcars and buses.

In another major city – Hamburg to 12.00 do not go to the subway trains and most buses, while the work of public transport as usual must be restored no later than 15.00. Long-distance trains and regional trains travel throughout Germany without changes.

Trade union Ver.di called for all 87 thousand workers of public transport in Germany to go on strike. Ver.di advocates the introduction of common rules across the country to smooth out regional differences and make work in this area more attractive. The Union, in particular, requires the granting of at least 30 days of leave per year, as well as the establishment of a single amount of additional payments.

A civil servants’ strike began on September 22.
Earlier Ver.di announced on September 22 a warning strike of civil servants in federal and municipal institutions, which was not connected with the strike of public transport workers. For civil servants, the trade union requires, in particular, a 4.8 percent (or at least 150 euros) wage increase within twelve months.