Putin commented on the involvement of minors in illegal actions

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It is unacceptable to involve minors to participate in unsanctioned actions, said Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday, January 25, during a meeting with university students on the occasion of Russian Student Day.

“In no way should minors be pushed forward. After all, this is what terrorists do when they chase women and children ahead of them. The focus is displaced here, but in essence it’s the same,” said the head of state.

According to the Russian leader, everyone has the right to express his point of view, but within the law. The president recalled that in the history of Russia, there have repeatedly been events when the situation went far beyond the law and led to such a swaying of society, because of which both the participants in the process and the uninvolved people suffered.

On January 23 unauthorized actions took place in various Russian cities. In Moscow and St. Petersburg children were also among the detainees. On January 22 the Investigative Committee of Russia instituted criminal proceedings for involving minors in unlawful actions on the grounds of calls to participate in unlawful actions.

As children’s ombudsman Anna Kuznetsova reported on the same day, minors in a number of regions came to unsanctioned actions more out of curiosity, as spectators.

A video showing a 12-year-old child telling why he came to an unsanctioned rally was also published on social networks. When asked what complaints he had against the current authorities, the child replied that he did not have any and “just came to watch”.