Putin had a phone conversation with Maduro

Russian President Vladimir Putin held a telephone conversation with his Venezuelan counterpart Nicolas Maduro. This was reported in the Kremlin on Monday, April 20.

The parties discussed issues related to the fight against the spread of coronavirus. Maduro expressed gratitude for Russia’s assistance in supplying test systems to diagnose the infection.

They also noted the importance of the international community taking measures to combat the coronavirus. In particular, the sides spoke about the need to create “green corridors” free of trade wars and sanctions during the crisis to supply medicines, food, equipment and technologies. That initiative was put forward by the Russian President.

In addition, the presidents stressed the importance of the OPEC+ agreement to reduce oil production.

Putin and Maduro also discussed the strengthening of the Russian-Venezuelan strategic partnership. The Russian side reiterated its support for the efforts of the legitimate Venezuelan authorities to peacefully settle domestic political differences, also stressing the inadmissibility of external interference in Venezuelan affairs.

The sides agreed on further cooperation at various levels, including through the health ministries.