Putin made a video message at the 75th session of the UN General Assembly

Russian President Vladimir Putin began his speech, which this year, due to the need to comply with security measures, in a video format, by celebrating two significant jubilee events this year. This is the 75th anniversary of the end of World War II and the creation of the United Nations.

Putin emphasized that the two events are closely linked. The defeat of Nazism and the awareness of the price paid for it caused the need to build a post-war world order, the foundation of which was the UN Charter. It was this Charter, which clearly and unambiguously articulates the principles of interstate relations and is the main source of international law.

The President also noted that all this time the UN continues to carry out its mission with dignity, despite the difficulties of different periods, and this is the basis for further progress of the world. At the same time, taking into consideration the complexity and multi-dimensional nature of the world, the UN should also reflect a consistent dynamics in its development, but the basic principles should remain unchanged. “Forgetting the lessons of history is short-sighted and extremely irresponsible – as well as politicized attempts to arbitrarily interpret the causes, course and outcome of World War II, to twist the decisions of the Allied conferences and the Nuremberg Tribunal, not based on facts,” Putin stressed.

In his address Putin also noted a new challenge of our time – the coronavirus pandemic, which has already claimed hundreds of thousands of lives, not to mention a number of other problems. It is already clear that recovery will require a lot of time and effort, and many solutions will need to be developed together, which also becomes one of the most important tasks for the UN.

In addition, the pandemic has exacerbated other problems, such as cybersecurity and the use of advanced digital technologies, which should work for the benefit of people.

At the same time, the difficulties faced by humanity have shown that mutual assistance and support for many people and countries in general is not an empty sound. And the credibility of the UN can help strengthen the humanitarian role in interstate relations. At the same time, barriers to partnership should be removed as much as possible, especially in the health sector. For example, Russia has developed the world’s first coronavirus vaccine “Sputnik-V” and the country is ready for any partnership and exchange of experience, so that as soon as possible citizens of all states can get the vaccine.

In his speech Putin also touched upon the issues of environmental protection, the need for arms control, and the creation of the basis for work in outer space.

“I repeat once again: in an interconnected, interdependent world, in the whirlpool of international events, it is necessary to act together and to rely on the principles of international law as enshrined in the UN Charter. This is the only way we will be able to fulfill the high mission of our Organization and ensure a decent life for present and future generations,” Vladimir Putin stressed.